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Experienced New York non-immigrant visa attorney Cindy is a recognized leader in immigration law. She has helped numerous foreign nationals obtain non-immigrant visas to visit their families, invest, and work in the United States. The Law Offices of Cindy Ramjattan-Paul is committed to providing the highest quality representation to visa applicants in New Jersey and New York.

Nonimmigrant visas allow international travelers to visit the United States. Except for Canadian citizens and other Visa Waiver Program countries, international visitors must first obtain a visa to legally enter the country. As its name indicates, nonimmigrant visas allow "temporary visitors" to remain in the U.S. for a specific time period and for a specific purpose. Unlike immigrant visas, they are not meant for intending immigrants; they only allow visitors for tourism, business, medical treatment, and certain types of temporary work.

Different types of non immigrant visas include:

  • Employment-Based Visas (B-1, H-1B)
  • Student Visas (F)
  • Work Visas (L,O)
  • Investor Visas (E)
  • Fiance Visas (K)
  • Trade NAFTA (TN/TD)

The B-1 category applies to temporary visitors for business. B-1 visas allow visitors to conduct certain "business" activity, such as meet with associates and attend educational or professional conferences. B-2 visas cover people who travel to the U.S. for pleasure, tourism, or medical treatment. The B-1/B-2 visa allows visitors to enter the country for a combination of purposes.

Those who wish to work temporarily in the United States must apply for an H-1B visa. This visa is for "persons in specialty occupations" that require "highly specialized knowledge" through completion of a specific course of higher education. This category also includes fashion models, government research and development applicants, and employees working on projects administered by the Department of Defense.

Like the H-1B, L and O visas also allow individuals to work temporarily in the United States, with some subtle distinctions. L visas are for employees abroad who are being transferred to the company's branch, parent, or affiliate in the United States. The transferee is generally employed in a managerial or executive capacity. O visas are for those who have shown "extraordinary ability or achievement" in the sciences, arts, education, business, sports, or entertainment.

E visas allow foreign nationals to trade and invest in the U.S. if they come from a country that maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation with the U.S. NAFTA is an example of an agreement that establishes economic and trade relations between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Citizens of these countries may therefore obtain TN visas to work or conduct business in the U.S.

Students who wish to pursue academic opportunities may be eligible for an F visa. This visa allows high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to attend academic institutions, including a seminary, conservatory, and language training program. To be eligible, the student must be enrolled in a school which is certified by the Student Exchange Visitor Program and intend to depart from the United States upon completion of their course of study.

If you need a non-immigrant visa to visit or work in the U.S., call experienced New Jersey and New York non-immigrant visa lawyer Cindy today. The Law Offices of Cindy Ramjattan-Paul has helped students, investors, and employees from around the world travel to the United States. Because visa processing times vary, it is important to retain a qualified professional to handle your case. Delays could result in the denial of your application or ability to renew your visa. At the Law Offices of Cindy Ramjattan-Paul, we are dedicated to helping you with your immigration needs.