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The immigration attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Cindy are knowledgeable professionals in immigration law. We are dedicated to taking care of all your general immigration needs, from deportation defense and adjustment of status to visas and naturalization. Our full-service law firm also provides essential services involving family and criminal law to help you and your family obtain status in the United States. In addition to representing people across the country and overseas, we provide stellar legal representation to immigration clients living in New Jersey and New York... More


Family Law

Cindy is a recognized leader in the practice of family law. She dedicates her practice to serving the needs of local and immigrant families throughout New Jersey and New York. If you need assistance in divorce, annulment, custody, or adoption proceedings, we are here to help. Most people want to believe that marriage lasts forever. But divorce is a fact of life. New Jersey, like other states, has accepted that this temporary or permanent “parting of ways” is inevitable and has its own set of rules. Family law is the body of law governing this process. The majority of family law is dedicated to... More


Criminal Defense

Experienced in handling DWI, traffic citations, and motions to expunge prior convictions, Cindy Ramjattan-Paul is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes. Municipalities liberally dispense baseless traffic tickets and citations every day, generating billions of dollars each year. The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that 1 out of 5 Americans receives a traffic citation each year. More than 95% of people who get them pay a fine and admit fault without contesting the citation. Of those that do, most get their case ... More


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37 Reviews


B Patel
B Patel
2 months ago

One of the best immigration lawyer,Specializing in family immigration, waivers , asylum and more. Cindy Paul has great experience and patience to understand the client troubles and gives you perfect guidance and present the case to the agency.Not only her but the staff has great sense of working with agencies and act professionally and proactively.

They work on the case such a professional way and look into the each aspects of the case where other people doesn’t see. Once case is reviewed by Cindy she gives always perfect answers, as client we may like it or not but gives an honest opinion and suggestions.She works with the industry professionals to like evaluations or third party testing etc.

extensive knowledge.Great staff,Willing to help to achieve American dream.


Bipin Patel
Bipin Patel
8 months ago

Cindy is a very dedicated and hard working lawyer. The staff at her office are always willing to help in the best way they can. Cindy and her staff were very responsive when it came to answering questions about my case.

Cindy put a lot of effort in handling my case towards my green card. I appreciate their hard work and am very thankful that I had her as my lawyer. She is always caring and concerned about her clients and her office feels like my home.

Thank you Cindy and staff!.


Diptesh Patel
Diptesh Patel
10 months ago

Cindy Paul is Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her entire team was top notch with our removal & I-485 case. She has always been available for any query and gets back to you for all of your immigration needs.

They are great!!!.


Devang Dixit
Devang Dixit
5 years ago

Cindy is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and considerate. She is one of those lawyers who are upfront and give their assessment of the case clearly and comprehensively. She gives her best to the case and to see that the interests of her clients are protected.

From my experience of her handling of some legal matters it was clear she knew what she was recommending and doing. Several years of experience haven’t diminished her enthusiasm for handling a case afresh and giving it her complete attention. I was recommended by a relative who had also been impressed with her legal competence and her concern for clients.

I will vouch that for her again.In these uncertain times when the law is being changed constantly, especially relating to immigration matters, it’s good to have an attorney who can both understand and adapt to the legal change, explain it you clearly in simple language, and can help you navigate the process with ease. Cindy can be that friendly lawyer, who is both down to earth, compassionate and an expert in the field.

Last but not the least, several other lawyers, charge an arm and a leg for the same services. The charges here are reasonable and you will not have to sell your house to meet the legal fees. If you are in some legal jam and are concerned, give this office a chance.

It might just change your life for the better.


Crystal R
Crystal R
5 years ago

Cindy is the best lawyer in NJ (any beyond), esp. for her immigration services. She is dedicated, hard working and committed to all of her clients.

She advises from a pure & honest point of view and offers the best guidance for every situation/client. I would highly recommend Cindy's law services for anyone in need of help (esp. if you speak Spanish/Hindi/other languages)!.